Parent Comments

Past program participants have found the class very beneficial. Hear it in their own words.

“It was such an excellent program. The message of healing and rebuilding is so important…there will be two healthier children because of it.”

“Everybody should be required to attend this class.”

“After this class, I will work to keep the conflict and game-playing down. I don’t plan to keep coming back to court.”

“I wish I had taken this class sooner–I would have done things differently.”

“The program changed our lives. It gave us all a new direction…one of hope and healing. I see too many people oozing with anger…I don’t want to go there anymore.”

“Things aren’t perfect, but my ex and I are communicating better and the kids seem to be doing better.”

“I didn’t realize how focused I was on my own problems and emotions caused by the divorce. This class helped me to re-focus and to realize how important it is to give my kids help at this tough time for them, too.”

“The class helped me to I realize that I needed some professional help for myself and my children. It is helping us all to move forward and to better cope with all the changes.”

“I was told by a judge to come to this class. I didn’t want to be here–but I learned a lot and am glad that I attended.”