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Confidential Enrollment Form
Class size is limited. Parents are enrolled in order that application is received. You cannot be placed in the same class as your child(ren)’s other parent.

Please indicate your first and second choices below for class selection. Available sessions can be found at http://actforchildren-rochester.org/schedule/.

Separating parents cannot participate in the same session and registrations will be processed in the order they are received. Following this registration request you will receive a confirmation email or letter confirming which date you have been placed in. That letter will also include the class location. You are not enrolled until you receive this confirmation.

Please enter the session you prefer to attend.
Please enter an alternate session request in the event you cannot be placed in your first choice.
Are you currently in danger of your partner or ex-partner doing any of the following: (1) Physically hurting you by, for example, pushing, grabbing, slapping, hitting, choking or kicking? OR (2) Threatening to hurt you, your children or someone close to you? OR (3) Stalking, checking up on you or following you? OR (4) Making you afraid?

If your case is currently in court, please complete the information below.

Class registration is $100. When you click submit below, you will be directed to a Square payment checkout page.

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Enrollment: If you prefer not to enroll online, you can download and mail in the form. Click here to download the enrollment form.